Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am just lurking in twitter. I think I am having some difficulty tweeting because I am not confident enough yet to share my thoughts. That and I haven't been engaged in a conversation that would require my 2 cents! Maybe I need to broaden my following. I am with Jeffery Heil, I drank the kool-aid and think google is a great intro to social networks.

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  1. Hi Karen

    Nice honest reflection of your challenges with Twitter.

    Twitter was much easier when I started using it because we were all feeling our way. Perhaps nowadays there is too much concern that our tweets need to add value to the conversation or be sharing valuable Links.

    My advice with any of these tools is to focus on your own personal needs and your own learning. Use it how you want to use it and don't worry too much about others. My personal approach is Twitter is like the lunch room; a place where you develop connections with others by having random small talk so you can connect with them as individuals while also sharing ideas, helping each other and getting work done.

    The number of people who you follow or who follows you does make a big difference to the whole experience. Personally I think you need to be following about 200 to feel the social aspect of Twitter; and I think those that like to engage in conversations with others are the better option as they make you feel welcome.

    Best of luck
    Sue @suewaters